MOOD, The Museum of Outstanding Design began as a platform to promote new work by living artists, architects and designers, and has quickly gained ground as an institution presenting the newest, most important evolutions in international contemporary art, design, industrial design and architecture. The innovative and timely exhibitions, in addition to the co-organized education and public programs, workshops, design awards and competitions actively engage audiences in thought-provoking experiences of art, culture, and society. MOOD Advances the public understanding and appreciation of the design, arts and architecture by collecting, preserving, and providing access to design, arts and architecture related artifacts, presenting exhibitions of artifacts, artworks, designs, architecture projects and interactive experiences, and offering educational and interpretive programs to general public. MOOD also contains a small library which is built up by books of engineering, science, technique, and technology of design, arts and architecture. Through exhibitions, programs, research and publications, the Museum of Design documents and interprets design-themed collections and provides information and perspective on design, arts, architecture and design throughout the world and through all creative fields. The MOOD Museum's ultimate aim is to encourage inquiry and to heighten public understanding and appreciation of the design for a better world, better future.


Permanent Collection

The Museum of Outstanding Design’s permanent exhibition, “Prime Artifacts”, immerses visitors in the creative process of arts, design and architecture, featuring hundreds of artifacts, products as well as an array of interactive experiences, audiovisual material, and artworks. The Permanent Exhibition preserves only the best and most relevant art works, design and architecture presentations, and grows each year thanks to the large Temporary Exhibitions. MOOD Museum which is a preeminent institution devoted to the creativity is a catalyst for the creative expression of artists and the active engagement of audiences interested in Design, Arts and Architecture. The Permanent Exhibition grows by donations of works by renown designers, artists and architects worldwide.


Temporary Exhibitions

MOOD Museum presents changing and annual exhibitions that showcases award winning works throughout the world in all creative fields; artifacts of arts and design are demonstrated in the form of product samples and prototypes, and architectural, large-scale or interior-design projects are highlighted through poster exhibitions, interactive designs, movies, animations and project details are also given the digital equipment and space for exhibition. The MOOD Museum’s temporary thematic exhibitions are destinations for design lover tourists and locals who wish to explore the latest developments and trends in design, arts and architecture. The temporary exhibitions have a special focus on works by living artists, designers and architects and include mostly award winning projects from dozens of countries to provide a global perspective on the state of art of design.


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Good Design

The MOOD Museum maintains on of the fastest growing and most updated collection of artifacts relating to fine-arts, design and architecture —one of the most contemporary collections of its kind in the world which includes artifacts in more than hundreds of creative disciplines and design categories. The Museum of Outstanding Design aims for the highest standards of quality in all its endeavors; serving as a resource for both those who are already familiar with arts, design, architecture, photography and other creative fields and those for whom creativity is a new experience. MOOD museum takes a global, multidisciplinary, and diverse approach to the creation, presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation of creativity in the form of architectural, design and art artifacts..


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design museum exhibition
Online Exhibitions

The Museum has been at the forefront in the use of its website for groundbreaking exhibitions. Newly added artifacts and works could be seen on MOOD Museum’s on-line collection database sorted by different design, arts and architecture categories, as based on the Design Classifications system. MOOD aims to be the foremost center where designers, architects, photographers and artists can create and interpret the world of design with comprehensive educational facilities and archive, and to do so, a new project called “Design Encyclopedia” was founded to serve as a professional portal where designers, artists, and architects could reflect and share their experiences to benefit young and upcoming creative public..


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design museum exhibition
Museum Workshops

The MOOD Museum’s education programs and workshops, managed by DesignFaculty are an unparalleled resource for design enthusiasts; furthermore an ongoing series of conversations with creative professionals in design, arts and architecture was made possible by the Ars Futura Cultura program supported by A’ Design Award & Competition, where members of several design clubs meet to discuss strategies and policies for design discipline, and of course making presentations on their own design views and sharing knowhow in arts and design. MOOD wishes to welcome everyone by accepting collaborations with many partners and we actively support design events such as conferences, workshops and awards.


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Museum Shop

Share the MOOD of Love; visit our Design Museum Store and explore MOOD Merchandise and artifacts to take back home at Design Mega Store. Remember that everyone can make a contribution; share your knowledge and vast insights with the Museum of Outstanding Design visitors by contributing to our Design Encyclopedia as an editor. Help us create the most inspiring, exciting, engaging and education design museum experience. Do you want to exhibit your design, architecture or art at the MOOD Museum of Design? Apply for consideration and your artifacts too could be exhibited along with other designs around the world.


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Museum Newsroom

The Museum of Outstanding Design's Press Room grants access to press releases, materials, latest news and views as well as local and international press contacts. For each work accepted to permanent exhibition or thematic exhibition, extensive press kits are available. Press members worldwide are invited to create awareness for importance of design by featuring award winning designs that are part of the MOOD’s permanent collection. Journalists, editors, media-members; contact our Press Room today and get up to date information or request high-resolution content.


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design museum exhibition
Exhibit Your Work

If you are a contemporary designer, famous artists, leading architect or an innovative company then you too could apply for consideration of your work or product for inclusion in the MOOD, if your projects are selected to exhibition, your artifacts could be exhibited along with other designs around the world. MOOD only exhibits outstanding designs that were granted an A’ Design Award. Application process takes up to one year, and applications can be made through the A’ Design Award & Competition. Apply today by nominating your work for award consideration.


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design museum exhibition
Design News

Visit our co-published design magazine and read news and articles on design. Discover latest trends, fashions and styles, get access to new designs for fresh inspiration. Alternatively visit the designer interviewsplatform to learn the secret processes the designers use for coming up with their award winning works; read inspiring design stories and enjoy design from the designers’ point of view. Finally checkout the design news at the DXGN which also includes news on upcoming design awards and competitions as well as new design trends and contemporary works.